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                                          Yixing city lee packaging products co., LTD

                                          Contact: Li Zhongyin (general manager)

                                          Phone: 13812234128

                                          Tel: 86-87840368 0510-87849368

                                          Fax: 86-0510-87849368

                                          Email address: yxlspack@163.com

                                          Website: www.studio215roc.com

                                          Address: jiangsu yixing Wan Shi industrial clusters

                                          LISHI PACKING/PRODCUTS
                                          YiXingShi LiShi Packing Products CO.,LTD.
                                          Yixing city lee packaging products co., LTD is located in the scenic yixing Wan Shi, guangdong province, is a professional manufacturer of packaging barrels of the company. Company is located in yixing of jiangsu, zhejiang and anhui provinces border, traffic is very convenient.
                                          The company is a high-end printing can series, series of emulsioni paint barrels, paint barrels series, pharmaceutical chemical barrels series, packaging barrels series iron plastic containers of joint-stock enterprises, the company has advanced equipment and production technology, products strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 standard production and management, a high quality, low price of the product, good business reputation to win the market.
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                                          customer satisfaction is our starting point and end-result!
                                          All staff of continuous improvement is the eternal pursuit! Objective: to fully meet customer demand, customer satisfaction!
                                          Responsibilities: responsible for after-sales service of the company products of after-sales service, providing customers with equipment spare parts, spare parts and technical advisory work. Responsible ……


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                                               Tel: 86-87840368  address: yixing city of jiangsu province Wan Shi industrial clusters
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