“After Chagall…”

Heather Erwin, Artist, Educator, Collaborator

Every year students reproduce a piece of artwork they find inspiring and learn about the artist who created it and it’s historical significance. It is a way to see how students creatively process a design problem and teach art history at the same time. What materials will they use to best get the result they want? The original may be a painting but the elementary student may not feel adept at recreating the image in that medium. What background color will they start with? Will they choose to find the contour lines to start their piece or will they chunk the visual information into basic shapes first? The teacher can see what developmental stage the student presents at by looking at their analytical thought process in regard to their usage of elements and principles. Here is one I found interesting not only for what is in the piece but for what the child chose to leave out.
(Title: After Chagall, Artist: Fifth Grader Buckman Heights, Date: 2012, Medium/Size: Mixed media on black paper, 18″ x 24″, Current Location: student portfolio, Greece, New York)
(Title: I and the Village, Artist: Marc Chagall, Date: 1911, Medium/Size: Oil on canvas, 6′ 3 5/8″ x 59 5/8″, Current Location: Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York)

5 thoughts on ““After Chagall…”

  1. (Over one hundred years) After Chagall—I find myself wanting more time to study this piece. What joy it brings!

    • THANK YOU! You will see more posts as the year comes to an end before the “School’s Out for Summer Part 2″ takes place at the Hungerford Building this year. Peace.

    • This is actually a show that is at my gallery so I have to be selective as it isn’t an official school program but your insight is appreciated and makes me think we should do both an installation and gallery walk.

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