Let’s talk about line…

In order to help students understand the element line, I chose to break Starry Night down to its essence. Utilizing just white line on black paper the students explored how to create the principle of movement with line. We first concentrated on the stars and how Van Gogh used line to create movement around them to create a glorious sky! The students took off and I think most would agree that fourth graders can show off what they know now about how to combine the elements and principles. Next? To apply this to a work that is their own landscape! It’s imperative for students to integrate knowledge into a new construct.

NEW! Studio 215 ROC

New logo for Studio 215 ROC

Studio 215 has evolved into Studio 215 ROC over the past year and a half and is now ready to reveal its new look. The first show under this new DBA with be BLEEP! A collaboration between Jose Cruz, Heather Erwin, André Macedo and – – – – -. Thank you for your continued support. See you at the show the First Friday of April and May. I will also be in the FLUX group show at the Hungerford the First Friday in March. Long Live ART!

********** ****** ****

… and now that the schedule is in place at Buckman Heights and Fisher this little artist will be back at Studio 215 located at 1115 East Main Street (Fourth Floor/Suite 433), Rochester, New York in the Hungerford Building. Excited to be getting back to business in a couple weeks after a much needed hiatus this summer and early fall. The show with Jose Cruz from Dallas, Texas and André Macedo is tentatively scheduled for the First Friday in February. Peace.