This is a test of the Studio 215 alert system

This is a test of the Studio 215 alert system. Had this been an actual emergency the attention signal you didn’t hear would be blasted through the television sets of America. Would anyone see or care? I can only say if Studio 215 is actually alerted to a real emergency it will give instructions in regard to having Beautiful Fun in the Rochester area if doomsday is upon us. Again… This is a test of the Studio 215 alert system. THIS IS ONLY A TEST

Fishing for ideas for “School’s Out for Summer Part 2″ show at the Hungerford

Heather Erwin, Artist, Educator, Collaborator• Should each student showcase pieces from their portfolios?
• Should certain students show entire portfolios while others create live work?
• Should each student choose two pieces? One?
• Should they even show their work from school or create installation instead?
• Should we have stations or should we have a treasure hunt?
• Should we set up the weekend before or the day of?

So many decisions to be made… so many pieces of art, so many children with spirit, so much art to share, so much Beautiful Fun. Artwork highlighted created by fifth grader from Buckman Heights Elementary School in Greece, New York.

A Studio’s Ascension

Studio 215 has risen to the fourth floor in Suite 433 in the Hungerford Building. The miracle actually occurred last November. Oh my… Studio 215 can be so naughty. E-mail Heather Erwin at if you feel like stopping by to visit next week! It is Spring Break and this art teacher is going to take advantage of the time and be an artist for the week. Going to work on ideas for a collaboration with a certain artist from Texas. Should be Beautiful Fun indeed!

After Miro…

Heather Erwin, Artist, Educator, Collaborator

Another fifth grader’s reproduction project whose decisions led them to Portrait No. 1 by Joan Miró. So happy to be along for the ride on their artistic journey.
(Title: After Miro, Artist: Fifth Grader Buckman Heights, Date: 2012, Medium/Size: Mixed media on white paper, 18″ x 24″, Current Location: student portfolio, Greece, New York)
(Title: Portrait No. 1, Artist: Joan Miró, Date: 1938, Medium/Size: Oil on canvas, Current Location: Modern – Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, Maryland)

“After Chagall…”

Heather Erwin, Artist, Educator, Collaborator

Every year students reproduce a piece of artwork they find inspiring and learn about the artist who created it and it’s historical significance. It is a way to see how students creatively process a design problem and teach art history at the same time. What materials will they use to best get the result they want? The original may be a painting but the elementary student may not feel adept at recreating the image in that medium. What background color will they start with? Will they choose to find the contour lines to start their piece or will they chunk the visual information into basic shapes first? The teacher can see what developmental stage the student presents at by looking at their analytical thought process in regard to their usage of elements and principles. Here is one I found interesting not only for what is in the piece but for what the child chose to leave out.
(Title: After Chagall, Artist: Fifth Grader Buckman Heights, Date: 2012, Medium/Size: Mixed media on black paper, 18″ x 24″, Current Location: student portfolio, Greece, New York)
(Title: I and the Village, Artist: Marc Chagall, Date: 1911, Medium/Size: Oil on canvas, 6′ 3 5/8″ x 59 5/8″, Current Location: Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York)

History of Studio 215

Heather Erwin, Artist, Educator, Collaborator

STUDIO 215 in Suite 433 at the Hungerford Building, 1115 East Main Stree, Rochester NY

Heather Erwin’s gallery, Studio 215, originated in the Anderson Arts Building in the Neighborhood of the Arts in Rochester, New York. The gallery/art studio moved in November 2011 to the Hungerford Building where the studios are called “Suites.” The Hungerford Building (1115 East Main Street) is located in Rochester’s thriving Public Market District. In the spirit of Dada and “Beautiful Fun” Ms. Erwin kept her DBA, Studio 215, and can be found on the fourth floor in Suite 433. Her experience as a curator and working artist is both vital to her art and her teaching. It gives her the opportunity to collaborate with other artists in different venues, including poetry and music. It also allows Ms. Erwin to continue to reflect upon the ways the world impacts her life and the lives of those around her. In her latest project, URALIAR, she merges video and lighting technology with painting and elements of graphic design, creating a multi-sensory gallery environment.

Welcome to Studio 215

Studio 215

In addition to teaching full time at Buckman Heights Elementary school, Heather Erwin operates STUDIO 215 on the fourth floor of the Hungerford Building in Rochester, New York while fostering several collaborations with other local artists and continuously exploring new creative outlets (visual, musical and language).

The ability not only to allow yourself to dream, but to be encouraged to follow those dreams, is central to Erwin’s philosophy of teaching and life. “In life we take risks and I talk to students about starting a business and taking risks,” said Erwin. “You put yourself out there and you take risks and you follow your heart. That’s what I’m trying to teach them, that it’s okay to follow your heart.”