Digital collaboration between André Macedo and Heather Erwin

Last June Heather Erwin and her students from Buckman Heights Elementary School in Greece, NY created a show at Studio 215 ROC that was based on the simple geometric symbols and illustrations of Jose Cruz, an illustrator based in Dallas Texas. The show was entitled “School’s Out for Summer Part 2″

When the show was over Heather and Jose decided to work on a show together and was later joined by illustrator and Professor Andre Mecado of Pelotas Brazil. We had found each other through mutual illustration friends electronically and forged a relationship through the Internet to create the show “Bleep” that will preview to a private audience and then be shown at Studio 215 ROC on the First Fridays of April and May. The word the group chose to free associate with was “censorship,” a natural progression from Heather Erwin’s last show, URALIAR based on Entarte Kunst and the notion of Degenerate Art.

Heather has found it a life changing experience to work with other artists to explore ideas she would not see or choose to explore on her own. It is especially interesting to work with artists from different cultures to compare and contrast how we see concepts similarly and differently.

A friend of Ms. Erwin’s, who worked with her at the Democrat and Chronicle, Maria Friske, has become a part of the show. When she came to visit Heather in her studio she noticed that Pussy Riot, the band censored and jailed in Russia, was a part of the show. Heather and Maria have been painting their visual interpretation of the Russian feminist punk rock collective and will be creating a blog to mark the process. They will be asking other artists to become a part of the cause to free band member Maria Alekhina. They hope to send the pieces to band members to inspire them to keep up the good fight.

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