Fishing for ideas for “School’s Out for Summer Part 2″ show at the Hungerford

Heather Erwin, Artist, Educator, Collaborator• Should each student showcase pieces from their portfolios?
• Should certain students show entire portfolios while others create live work?
• Should each student choose two pieces? One?
• Should they even show their work from school or create installation instead?
• Should we have stations or should we have a treasure hunt?
• Should we set up the weekend before or the day of?

So many decisions to be made… so many pieces of art, so many children with spirit, so much art to share, so much Beautiful Fun. Artwork highlighted created by fifth grader from Buckman Heights Elementary School in Greece, New York.

3 thoughts on “Fishing for ideas for “School’s Out for Summer Part 2″ show at the Hungerford

  1. Hi Heather-
    We are in your Mom’s “Writing Your Live History Class” in Venice and have heard your name in some of your Mom’s stories. Your enthusiasm sounds just like your Mom’s. We are a bit umfamiliar with your summer program so are reluctant to offer any comments but from a grandparents’ point of view the greater number of kids that can show their artwork the better even if it is only a bookmark!. Best Wishes and keep us posted.
    Barbara and Joe Huth

  2. Heather – I would like to send you some pics without putting them on Facebook. Would you please send me an email address for you. Thanks much.

    Jean Mitchell

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