History of Studio 215

Heather Erwin, Artist, Educator, Collaborator

STUDIO 215 in Suite 433 at the Hungerford Building, 1115 East Main Stree, Rochester NY

Heather Erwin’s gallery, Studio 215, originated in the Anderson Arts Building in the Neighborhood of the Arts in Rochester, New York. The gallery/art studio moved in November 2011 to the Hungerford Building where the studios are called “Suites.” The Hungerford Building (1115 East Main Street) is located in Rochester’s thriving Public Market District. In the spirit of Dada and “Beautiful Fun” Ms. Erwin kept her DBA, Studio 215, and can be found on the fourth floor in Suite 433. Her experience as a curator and working artist is both vital to her art and her teaching. It gives her the opportunity to collaborate with other artists in different venues, including poetry and music. It also allows Ms. Erwin to continue to reflect upon the ways the world impacts her life and the lives of those around her. In her latest project, URALIAR, she merges video and lighting technology with painting and elements of graphic design, creating a multi-sensory gallery environment.

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