“School’s Out for Summer Part 2”

https://www.studio215roc.com/wp-admin/post-new.php There are many decisions to be made regarding the “School’s Out for Summer Part 2” show starring artwork from selected students from Buckman Heights. I will get ideas from these students and then take them to our friends at the Hungerford Building and ask for feedback. It’s going to be a great. Their artwork and their personalities will shine. These are the role models at Buckman Heights. They make our school proud in the way they behave inside and outside our school. They make the world a better place and deserve this reward! More to come…

2 thoughts on ““School’s Out for Summer Part 2”

  1. School’s Out—words that convey great joy, great relief, and sometimes, great concern. When school is out in your district, your kids are going to have the opportunity to convey great art. That is special. The announcement, too, is special. It is brief, it catches the eye, and the pertinent information is there. Is that a broken pencil I see?

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